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Best Social Media Marketing Tools that Offer Engaged Users

Social media is an integral part of socializing in today’s society. More than ever before, social media marketing tools are being used to advertise and promote businesses by connecting with potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so many more. These social media marketing tools allow for the most engaged users to be found from a wide variety of demographics.

Meaning of social media marketing tools

In short, the meaning of social media marketing tool is any social media platform that a small business, or entrepreneur can use to advertise and promote their products. Below I list down the top social media marketing tools for 2021 which might interest you.


Kanva is a social media marketing tool that allows for social media management in order to increase social engagement. Kanva’s features allow you to track the progress of your social media efforts, manage multiple accounts from one interface and use valuable data insights about what works best on each platform. In addition, Kanva also provides tools for publishing content including automated scheduling as well as design templates such as video slideshows or gifs with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Hootsuite is an important social media marketing tool that allows social media managers to manage several social accounts at once. Hootsuite’s features include the ability to schedule social posts, analyze social data, and track results in order to optimize future content releases. Additionally, this software provides a publishing platform with design templates as well as automation tools such as influencer outreach so you can start building relationships today.


Another awesome social media marketing tool is BuzzSumo. This social media marketing tool is a research assistant that lets you find content relevant to your industry and competitor topics so you can have a competitive edge over them on social media. You get real-time analytics about top-performing posts, most shared content by topic or channel as well as engagement rates of each post from designers, marketers, and companies around the world who are making their social presence known online in order to grow their business with social media success strategies.


Quuu is an amazing tool for social media marketers. This social media marketing tool is a social media search engine that lets you discover and follow the best content on any social network. It sends daily email digests of your social world with top stories, influencers to watch out for, and people you should be following right now!

Quuu also has its own app which allows marketers to monitor conversations about all their brand mentions in real-time – even across different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so they can keep up with customer feedback no matter where it’s coming from. The app alerts them when something important happens such as someone mention or tags them in a post or comment thread, posts an image with their logo tagged at it.

Facebook Page Manager for Businesses

Facebook is the biggest social network of our time and with over a billion active monthly users, it’s no surprise that Facebook has become the social media marketer’s go-to tool. Facebook page manager for business is a social media management tool that helps business owners and social media managers to monitor their Facebook page easily. The app offers the following features:

  • Create posts, sharing content from other pages on social networks like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Boost engagement by scheduling posts ahead of time
  • View insights about your audience’s demographics and interests to optimize your marketing efforts

Facebook is an absolute must for any social media marketing because it covers such a wide range of demographic groups and has been around since 2004 so everyone knows how they work! The advantages are many but include more active users than Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram combined – all in one place! This means no need to dedicate hours every day searching through different social channels individually.


TweetDeck is really a good social media marketing software that keeps social media alive and well without the need to log back in every day. TweetDeck is a social media management platform where users can schedule posts ahead of time, view insights about their audience’s demographics and interests, monitor conversations happening on social networks right now, and work with multiple Twitter accounts at once

It’s also possible to use it for social listening: you can find out what people are saying about your brand or looking up hashtags specific to your industry or area of expertise– all without logging into individual social channels themselves! It is easy as pie to determine which social network your ideal customer may be using more than others based on demographic data from Facebook itself.


Another important social media marketing tool is SocialFlow, which helps social media managers automate posts to social networks. It has the ability to post automatically at times of peak activity, or even when a new follower joins your social network page.

With SocialFlow not only can you make sure that you’re posting updates on social networking sites every day– but by targeting certain topics, geo-locations, and time periods with content sharing strategy in mind, it’s possible for brands to see an average increase in likes per post from 13% up to 150%. This is because SocialFlow recognizes which type of content does best based on demographic data related to geography and demographics from Facebook itself!


Sendible is used to expand social media reach and socialize content across social channels. It has the ability to schedule posts in advance, analyze social trends on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, post updates with a link back to your own site, measure social media response times for real-time monitoring of brand mentions or hashtags, and track statistics about which social networks are most responsive.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social focuses on data-driven analytics as part of social media marketing. It provides a variety of social media management tools for social listening and customer service, as well as post scheduling, engagement tracking, competitive benchmarking with other brands in your industry or verticals like retail, financial services, restaurants, etc., and social insights into what’s trending on the web right now such as videos from YouTube to tweets from Twitter.

Sprout Social also offers advanced reporting features that allow you to build reports by channel (Facebook posts vs. Tweets), content type (videos vs. pictures), or keyword grouping so you can gain an understanding of which networks are working best for your campaign goals without requiring heavy data analysis expertise on your own end!


SocialFlow helps content creators and social media marketers to optimize their social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It has a social media optimization engine that helps you manage your social accounts without the need of hiring someone else or opening up new windows for every post manually.

Debuting as an app in 2010, SocialFlow now operates as both desktop software (SocialFlow Desktop) and web-based applications (SocialFlow Cloud). The company’s founder is Alex Taub.

The main features are social analytics dashboard; publish tools with built-in engagement analysis; content library toolkit with templates tailored for social networks like Facebook and Snapchat; RSS feed reader import tool to save time when creating posts from blogs/news websites etc.


With so many social media marketing tools available, it can be hard to figure out which ones will actually help you with your strategy and offer engaged users. We’ve done the research for you and narrowed down a list of five fantastic options below that should simplify your search process in no time! Let us know if these are helpful or if we missed any great platforms by leaving a comment on this blog post. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more posts like this one delivered straight into your inbox each week!

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