Social Media Marketing Strategy: How to Get More Customers

How do you find success in social media marketing? This question is often asked by social media marketers, and the answer can be difficult to come up with. The key is figuring out how social media works for your business, while also understanding what social media users want. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 strategies that will help increase customer conversion rates through social media marketing!

Make proper content planning

The best social media marketing strategy is to use social networks strategically with goals in mind. It is a social strategy that requires great content planning in order to thrive. The biggest social networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; they can be used effectively as long as you know what your target audience likes on these sites. For example, if your business sells products for children the best social network would be YouTube because many kids use it and appreciate channels like “Kids TV.”

Content should also address all three parts of the buying cycle: awareness stage (branding/marketing), consideration phase (sales), and conversion stage (customer service). By providing quality content that addresses different needs at various stages of the buyer’s journey through social media, you’ll be able to increase customer conversion rates!

Use more video rather than text

In 2021, people are spending more time on video rather than text content. If you are planning to make content this year, then please keep that in mind as well. A helpful video that has real value to it, will get the attention of social media users.

A lot of people using YouTube as their learning platform in 2021, so publish helpful content on those platforms frequently to get more social media followers.

Use the different platforms for different purposes

Not all social networks are used for the same purpose. For a social media marketing strategy, you need to understand the differences between platforms. Strive for a mix of text and video content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Facebook is where users go to connect with friends and family. It can be used as a great place for people who want to advertise their products or services but they should know that it’s not ideal if an ad has too many details about its product being shown in photos below the post.

LinkedIn: People use this social network mainly for work-related purposes so make sure your posts are related to that aspect too! You may have already heard about hashtags like #networking which helps you find other professionals from different industries based on location.

YouTube: Youtube is a video sharing platform where a user shares their video and creates a follower base. If you have video content, then YouTube is the best platform to share those videos on social media.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a social network that allows you to share photos and videos of things you like, such as recipes or quotes. People can ‘pin’ your content so it’s seen more often, which will ultimately help make your posts go viral! You’re only allowed to post pins every 30 minutes but if you have the time then this social network is worth exploring for business marketing purposes.

Twitter: Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks because people are able to express themselves through short messages called tweets. It also provides followers with an insight into what we do in our lives – from funny memes about cats to personal thoughts and experiences shared publicly.

Avoid spamming

Don’t spam your audience with the same social post for days on end, and don’t add them to mailing lists without permission.

Social networks are a good way to get your content seen by more people because that’s where they go to look at what their friends have posted – it also means you can advertise posts specifically about your business. The best social media marketing strategy is not one size fits all: each social network has different demographics and behaviors so tailor your approach! Remember, social media marketing strategy doesn’t mean posting any old thing in order to meet quotas but rather using these tools strategically with a goal in mind

  • use influential bloggers as part of an awareness campaign
  • build an email list through social sites like Instagram or Twitter
  • increase engagement by creating helpful and valuable content.

-Listen to your audience by asking for feedback and making social media marketing strategy a two-way street.

Create relevant content with the current time

Follow the trend and create content that will be relevant for social media marketing strategy. Post often and don’t overindulge, may not have a lot to say but social media marketing strategy is still necessary. Look out for current trends in Twitter by checking the most used hashtags or social media marketing strategies in general by using tools such as Google Trends.

Engage with your audience

Listen to your audience and engage with them where social media marketing strategy is necessary. Be social and talk to them about social media marketing strategy, what it entails and how you can help them with social media marketing strategies in general. It’s not always easy to know where we should post our content on social media sites when it comes to the subject of social media marketing strategy.

So that why asks your followers about what they want to hear from you and then prepare content accordingly. You might create polls on YouTube or LinkedIn or maybe read the comment section where a lot of people express their opinion. Respect your follower’s opinions and reply to them as much as you can.

Create contests and give a prize

This is a proven strategy that, if you create contests and give a prize to a winner then you create more engagement with your audience. You should find a way to make your audience feel that they are in the game and if you do this then it will create more social media interaction.

Asking questions on social media is also an effective strategy, like asking for feedback about a blog post, or their opinion about social media marketing strategy? If you ask for opinions and encourage them to share their thoughts with you, then there is definitely going to be some response.

Giveaway some free items

Try to make some giveaways like a free ebook or social media strategy book. This is a great way to get people engaged with social media and the idea of freebies, so they are going to be more likely to follow you and your social profiles links.

Another giveaway that works well on social media marketing is special discount codes or coupons for certain products as prizes in these giveaways contests because this will make them want it even more!

Be consistent in content publishing

Try to be consistent in social media marketing for your company. This means publishing at least once a day, maybe even twice! It is important to post good and interesting content in order to keep followers/blogs interested in the account because if you are not consistent, they will unsubscribe or follow someone else’s social media profile links.

  • Be consistent in social media marketing
  • Giveaway some free items
  • Offer special discount codes as prizes on social profiles contest giveaways of products like ebooks or social strategy books.
  • Publish something new every day so that people can’t get bored from lack of fresh material.

Start using chatbots for customer communications

Chatbots are a great way to automate the customer communication process. They are a useful marketing tool because they can help with social media marketing strategy,

  • Identify customer needs
  • Respond to questions/queries via social media channels about products and services

Chatbots allow you to provide feedback when people queue up in social queues or communicate their queries on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook Messenger. The chatbot is used for the automation of monotonous tasks which includes answering FAQs (frequently asked questions) as well as providing product information that otherwise might require manual intervention from employees. For instance, if someone asks where he can find your company’s office location through a chatbot then it replies automatically without any human involvement. Every message sent by the bot should be personalized so that the user feels personal.


In the end, it’s about understanding your audience and finding their needs. And if you don’t have a clue where to start or what motivates them, leave that up to us. We can help you with all of this in order for your business to thrive on social media marketing. Have you tried any of these tips? Comment below with your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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