Social media marketing

What does social media marketing mean?

Social media marketing is a kind of Digital marketing where user mainly focuses on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to promote their product or services and creates a communication with the targeted audience. The term social media marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. This is really an inexpensive marketing strategy where user can promote their product or services directly to the targeted audience and gets a detailed insight of customer’s demands and choices. Social media marketing has purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track the success of their efforts. Using the tools provided by the social networks, companies now can create a community based on their product or services, which gives a great opportunity for better customer service.

How do I do social media marketing?

In 2021, we are all surrounded by social media networks. An average person spends around 2 hrs daily on different social media networks. So you need to be present on Social Media with your products or services. But as a beginner, it’s complicated and overwhelming to do social media marketing. So, here I will provide the top 4 tips for beginners to do social media marketing.

Choose the right social network

There are dozens of social media networks available and you need to choose the correct one that fits your product and service. You can be available on all the popular social media networks, but it will be very complicated and overwhelming at the beginning. So the best strategy is to start with any of the popular social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn and create an amazing profile over there. After you created an amazing profile in one network then move on to other social media networks gradually. In this process, you are not confused at the start but rather takes a focused strategy and conquer the digital marketing war.

Start creating Content

After you created your profile on any of the popular social media, the next task is to write content over there. Quality content always attracts visitors. Even though you just started, but writing quality content on social media is a great way to attract customers. It can be articles, blogs, images, or videos. Provide valuable content to your audience, so that they know about you and your products/services. If you can’t write content, then you can hire some content writers in Upwork or Fiverr, but you must have to provide valuable content to build an audience.

Build Connection

After developing content, you need to focus on building connections. This is one of the most important parts, which most digital marketers ignore. Social media is used by humans, and you need to build connections with humans. Follow people that you know and encourage them on their work, in this process you are building a connection with people’s and your network grows.

Don’t just count numbers

Don’t fall into the trap of followers count in social media, rather focus on connections. It’s all about having valuable connections, personal ones. Because if your first 100 fans or followers aren’t that engaged with you, all these social networks have it in their algorithms where they’re looking at a percentage.

What are the types of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is key and companies are focusing more on SMM to create a customer-oriented brand. Even though there are many social media networks available, the most effective ones are listed below.

The FaceBook marketing

With more than 1 Billing active monthly user, Facebook is the most popular social network in 2021 and will stay top in coming years as well. So Facebook marketing is the most favorite choice for digital marketers and Internet Entrepreneurs. With Facebook ads, you can make a very targeted approach to reach your customers by filtering with Age, Location, and Interest.

The Google Ads

The next type of social media marketing is Google Ads. Using Google ads, you can focus on promoting your product or service to Youtube, which is becoming the most popular social media and search engine. In google ads, you can also filter audience by Age, Location, and Interest.

Twitter ads

Twitter is a very popular microblogging network. Twitter ads can help you to promote your product to your end-user very efficiently.

Pinterest Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn the largest social network for Job seekers and Employers. You can find all the major Executives of all Big corporations available on LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing TIPS

Finally, I want to give you some social media marketing tips based on my personal experience and knowledge.

  • Don’t apply same strategy for all social media platforms, rather than make specific strategy for all individual social networks based on their platform type and audience.
  • Be consistent on providing contents in those social platforms. Try to publish at least one article / video on weekly basis and follow this strategy consistently. The social networks have their own algorithms and they prefer consistency, which means if you provide contents consistenly they the algorithm picks you up and shows in top in the search results.
  • Focus on your messge. If you consistently provide your message to your audience then it might help you to creat a community with vibrant followers.
  • In 2021, provide more video content rather than text, becuase people now have a tendency to watch video’s rather than read texts.
  • Join in different communities and participate over there by helping people on solving their problems.
  • Interact with audience and respond to their queries.
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