14 Tips to Create Social Media Posts That Get Remembered

We all know that social media is important for marketing and reaching out to customers, but how do you make sure your posts are memorable? This blog post will give 14 tips to help ensure every time someone sees one of your posts they can’t forget it.

Always be friendly and courteous

Think about how you would want to be treated by someone on social media, then act accordingly. This isn’t just for customers… it’s also for people who might be looking at your posts as an example of customer service they can provide in their own business someday.

Keep posts short and to the point

It’s important to keep posts short and concise. This will help you stay focused on the goal of your post, which is usually to get people to do something (e.g., follow you on social media). By keeping it brief and sweet, helps eliminate any potential distractions from other parts of Facebook or Twitter that users may be curious about.

Keep in mind: Shorter posts can also have a higher emotional impact with less effort than longer ones. Think of the last time someone shared an inspirational quote with you–it probably only took them a few words!

Keep it positive

Make sure your posts are positive. Negativity won’t get you anywhere and will only serve to put people off your content. It’s important that when a user sees anything from your profile, they feel good about themselves and what you’re offering them.

Keep it consistent

Sticking with a certain theme or topic for posts lets followers know exactly what to expect–whether this is uplifting quotes on Tuesday mornings, tips for living well in the new year on Thursdays, or high-quality photos of animals every Saturday morning (please note: we didn’t say “cats”). This way users can start getting excited as soon as they see something post from you because they know the type of thing they’ll be expecting!

Use hashtags in the caption of your post

Use hashtags which is relevant to your post and to what you are posting. But don’t go crazy with them, one or two max is enough.

Adding hashtags into the caption will help other users find posts that may be relevant to their interests.

Hashtags can also make it more likely that someone sees your photo in a search because they have added this hashtag themselves.

The most used ones on Instagram are probably #love and #happy which add up to over 320 million photos on Instagram alone! However, some of the less popular ones like #snow might not get as much attention but still work well depending on how common snow is where you live. So experiment with different types of hashtags until you find those best suited to your own account!

Share your own thoughts or experiences

It’s important that you share your own thoughts or experiences with a hashtag so that it’s not just about what you’re seeing elsewhere.

If someone posts #love and they have never been in love before, then this tells the viewer nothing. It would be better to use something like #inlove which can express how you feel whether you are in love for the first time or still deeply in love after many years of marriage.

It’s also important to keep track of hashtags used by your own followers as well because those will tend to work best on Instagram when looking back over their photos!

A great way to find some is through using tags such as ‘best’ and ‘favorite’, but don’t go overboard – too much tagging dilutes each post’s value!

Add value to your post by providing an interesting story or a photo

Add some extra value to your post by providing an interesting story or tip with a photo or video. This creates more engagement with your followers. A recent study shows that users interact more with video rather than texts. So try to add as many visual elements as possible to attract more audience.

Remember to use emojis!

If you’re looking for a way to add some personality and humor to your posts, emojis are the answer!

A great tip is not only to add them on Instagram when posting pictures but also to include them in texts. This will get people’s attention because they know there is something extra exciting about it. You can use emoji features like “eyes” or “heart eyes.”

And if you want to spice up your text messages with words rather than just using emoticons all the time, try out these three: 😉 – 🙁 – 😀 🙂

Remember that social media is an interactive platform - reply to comments on your posts!

Remember to reply back to comments on your post. It can be as simple as “Thank you!” or more in-depth like, “I’m so glad you said that because it’s something I’ve been trying to work on.”

You want people to feel heard and valued! This will make them feel connected with the brand or person they’re following. And if someone feels good about themselves after reading a comment of yours, then they’ll likely share it out too – which is kind of what we’re all looking for right? 🙂

Make sure you're not sharing too much personal information

Use a unique username for your social media profiles. You can use the same one as you do with other online accounts, but it’s best to be cautious about what personal information is readily available in case someone wants to hack into these – and potentially steal from you or cause problems!

No need to share birthdays if they are written on checks, passports and licenses; keep those safe 😉 And don’t post where you live either unless that place has security measures like closed-circuit TV cameras. In general, I think people should never post any more identifying info than their gender (i.e., “male” or “female”). That way there’s less chance of being stalked by someone who may not have good intentions!

Be open-minded when it comes to sharing other people's thoughts and opinions

One of the best things about social media is that it provides us with an opportunity to learn from people who may be different from we are. We don’t always have to agree, but being open-minded helps spur creativity and can help you understand where someone else is coming from in life – which will make for good conversation!

If you find a great tweet or status update on Facebook, retweet it or share it on your wall so others can enjoy what you found too. It’s like giving someone a present they’ll never forget! Make sure if you’re sharing content that was created by another person though (like writing), mention them as the author first before posting their work; otherwise this could get into copyright issues.

Make a catchy title for your post

The title of your post should be catchy and attention-grabbing. If you’re writing a blog post, the title is usually what people see first before they read anything else about it, so make sure to use keywords that best describe your article in order to get the most views. You can also include numbers or any other details that might catch someone’s eye enough for them to click through on it!

So how do we come up with an amazing headline? Here are some tips: -Make it short and sweet (just three words will suffice) -Use power words like “diet” or “sleep” -Keep headlines simple yet intriguing; don’t give away too much information up front.

Share something that is relevant to the day's events

Try to create posts that are related to the day’s events. For example, if we are talking about a company launching their TV commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, you might want to post something related to this event and promote it using your social media channels!


The bottom line is that people remember social media posts. And we want your post to be the one they remember! If you’d like some help in crafting a winning post, or if you need assistance with implementing any of these tips for success, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We offer competitive rates and are always happy to work with new clients on their social media marketing plans.

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