The Rise of the Social Media Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a way to find success in the changing world of marketing, then it may be time to invest in social media marketing. Social media is a powerful tool that can help take your business to new heights and reach more customers than ever before. However, many businesses struggle with the best ways to use this tool and what their budget should look like. In order to avoid these problems, we have put together some tips on how you can get started with social media and create an effective campaign!

A social media marketing agency aids in the growth of a company’s social media presence. To do this, they can provide content for clients to use on their own or help create that content through video and photography services. They also can offer analytics and consulting as well as advertising options like Facebook ads, which are one way to reach more potential customers than ever before!

What to look for in a social media marketing agency

There are many different types of agencies out there intent on helping businesses use social media more strategically. Some offer content creation services like writing blog posts or posting videos while others provide consulting services by giving advice on how best to implement strategies. One type of service offered by some agencies is analytics–giving companies reports about their campaigns so they know what has worked (and what hasn’t).

There are a few questions to ask yourself before selecting an agency:

-What are their fees?

-Will they handle the content creation or just provide consulting services?

-Do they have experience in my industry, for example, health and fitness?

So after getting those answers, you’ll be able to decide whether or not they are the right agency for your needs.

The importance of a social media marketing plan

Apart from the benefits of employing a social media marketing agency, you should also have an in-depth plan for your own company. It may seem like it will be easy to just use social media as an advertising platform to promote and sell products or services, but there’s so much more that can be done with it than meets the eye. The following are some things you might want to consider including in your plans:

What kind of content do our followers like?

Are we providing them with what they’re looking for on Facebook?

What is something new and intriguing that would get people talking about us online? How often does our content need updating?

There is no right answer here–it depends on your social media marketing plan. So make a plan for your social marketing strategy and stick to it, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Why your business needs an online presence

Your business requires an online presence to stay competitive. The internet is where people go to find information about products and services, so if you are not there your business will be invisible to potential customers.

Creating the perfect campaign strategy that fits your company's goals and values

The best way to create a successful social media marketing strategy is by identifying your company’s goals and values, then designing an online campaign that aligns with these. A social media marketing agency can help you to create a campaign that will reach your target audience and convert them to customers. They will try to understand your business and customers before creating a campaign that will draw them in and excite them. A social media strategy can be created by taking into account the following:

-What is your target audience?

-Are there any other companies with similar goals that could partner up?

-How would you like for people to feel about your brand after they see your posts? This includes being happy (positive emotions), sad (negative emotions), or surprised (surprise).

How do you start a social media marketing agency?

Now if you are still interested in starting a social media marketing agency, you will need to identify what niche or vertical you want to focus on. Some common niches are fashion, travel and tourism, sports teams/athletes, restaurants and bars, etc.

Once you identify your niche, it is time to make a business plan. This business plan will include your goals, how you want people to feel about your brand when they see the posts online or offline, as well as what social media platforms you will be running.

Your business plan should also have a section where it is clearly stated that any content on these platforms is not endorsed by the company and may contain factual inaccuracies based on the individual perspectives of other users.

The last thing in this step would be picking out an office space for your new startup venture. This can either lease or purchase depending on if you are looking for something more long-term.

A great way to start with getting clients is word-of-mouth referrals from friends/family who like their services from working together previously. Once you work with one or two clients, then try to create a nice portfolio of your works.

Use this portfolio to market to other potential clients and build up a portfolio of your work. At the start, you will be the face of the company and will need to be committed enough to make yourself available for consultation.

The last step would be marketing on social media and getting the word out there!

Finally, build a team of committed team members to help manage your workload so you can focus on other things like marketing and strategy.

Use LinkedIn to find potential leads. LinkedIn is a great networking platform for both parties to find each other. Track your progress and generate monthly reports to keep everyone on the same page.

How much do social media marketing agencies make?

How much a social media marketer makes is dependent on a social media marketer’s experience, the number of hours they work per week, and their geographic location. A beginner-level, social media marketer makes around $25-$50 USD per hour, and a professional level social media marketer makes around $60-$100 per hour. This income level largely depends on what social media platforms they are marketing on, and what specific social media skills the social media marketer has.

How much do social media agencies make? Social Media Agencies can range in size from a single person to tens of thousands of people depending on their clients’ needs. Small-to-midsize social media agencies tend to charge around $100-$200 per hour for services such as strategy consulting, advising, content creation, and distribution management. Larger social networks typically have more resources at their disposal so larger or enterprise-level social networking companies (such as Facebook) may offer different rates by region or project type. For example, an average project might cost anywhere between $25K -$250K in certain regions. So if you planning to open a social media marketing agency, this is high time to pursue your dreams.

What are the best social media marketing agencies?

It’s hard to rank the best social media agencies because there are so many great ones out there but these companies have been rated highly in terms of popularity with consumers. Below we list down the top 5 social media marketing agencies in the U.S.


Neil Patel

Ignite Social Media


Vireo Video


Social media is a powerful marketing tool that should be used to help boost your business. However, it can also come with its own set of challenges as businesses try to keep up with the evolving landscape of social media. If you’re looking for an agency who understands how these platforms work and has experience understanding what works best for them in terms of engagement, we might just be the perfect match! Contact us today if you want more information about our services or would like some guidance on how to improve your company’s online presence through social media channels.

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