The Social Media Marketing Job Market: Where to Find Your Dream Career

The social media marketing job market is continuously changing. With social media platforms constantly innovating and adjusting, the social media marketing industry has been forced to adapt too. It’s a never-ending cycle of evolution that requires social media marketers to be proactive in order to stay ahead of the game. In this blog post, we will explore how social media jobs are different today than they were 10 years ago and where you can find your perfect career within this field!

What do you do as a social media marketer?

In social media marketing, there are a variety of jobs available for social media marketers. The most common responsibilities include:

  • Creating and executing social media strategy (strategies vary depending on the company)
  • Monitoring social channels to track mentions (tweets, posts, etc.) about your brand or product/service
  • Engaging with followers through replies, retweets, likes & shares
  • Posting updates to social platforms in order to promote content and drive traffic back to your website or blog.

-As a marketer, you have to entice your followers with eye-catching information that’ll make them say “click-through”. Post blogs, photos, and videos in order for all of these social media efforts to be worth the time.

This list is not exhaustive but does highlight some key tasks that may be performed by social media marketers.

The goal of any social media marketer should always be twofold – growth and reach!

Is social media marketing is a good career?

Now you may have a question that, is social media marketing is a good career?

First thing, social media marketing is an exciting job and you are able to work with the best brands in your life.

Second, social media jobs can be found everywhere: from urban cities like New York City and San Francisco to suburban areas such as Houston and Atlanta. With a social media marketer’s skill set, there is no shortage of companies looking for help!

Thirdly, social media marketers enjoy perks that their peers in other sectors may not have access to – they can track what’s happening across all social channels at one glance, get paid to post on Instagram or Facebook (or any number of platforms), attend industry events nearby without ever leaving the office…it goes on!

What are the benefits of social media marketing jobs?

Now let’s discuss the benefits of social media marketing jobs. They are many, and social media marketers can offer their skills in a wide range of fields – from social customer service to social public relations (think live events).

The benefits include:

  • the ability to work remotely or onsite with flexible hours that fit your life; social media is arguably one of the most “family-friendly” careers out there today!
  • meaningful work that makes an impact both online and off, unlike other industries where you might be stuck working for what feels like forever without seeing any kind of tangible results…social media marketing professionals know they’re making a difference every day when they log in!
  • high financial rewards: according to Forbes magazine’s annual list of highest-paying jobs, social media marketing experts stay on that list. It’s really an on-demand, high-wage job.
  • social media marketing professionals have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of social media and technology by participating in projects that could really make a positive difference for society as we know it today!
  • social media jobs are more than just working behind your computer all day: you’ll get to travel around the country, meet new people (not just coworkers), attend conferences, do public speaking events – there’s so much variety available with this career path; some social media marketers even work on podcasts or video content since they’re experts at presenting information clearly and concisely.

Tips for successful social media marketing jobs

As now you are interested in social media marketing jobs, you should know some tips to get this job.

  • First of all, social media is a constantly evolving space: so be sure to stay up on the latest trends and social networks by reading blog posts (like this one), following industry leaders on social media (or even better – connecting with them through LinkedIn!), or logging into your social media accounts in order to see what people are posting about now
  • Be able to build relationships with potential customers while still being professional. Social media marketing jobs may require new skills like active listening, empathy for different audiences, patience, creativity when there’s not much information available that matches the topic you’re researching, etc.

-Practise Content Creation by wringing blogs or articles on social media marketing topics you find on social media or Google and submitting them to sites like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, or HubSpot’s Marketing Blog

-Build your own social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter) and grow an audience by providing value. Social Media jobs may require a lot of time spent building connections with people in the industry while curating good content that attracts their attention

The social media marketing job market is diverse – there are many different industries looking for professionals who know how to use social platforms strategically. There are so many opportunities out there! It might be worth taking some time off reading blogs like this one and connecting with others in the field via social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. I hope these ideas help you get started on your dream career.

How much money does social media marketing make?

Companies across all industries rely on social media as a cornerstone in their marketing strategy, but they need the right people to stay ahead of the curve. Social media requires an extensive skill set that is now highly desirable and competitively priced–especially for those with experience!

Social media marketing is a highly lucrative field, with some positions providing six-figure salaries. The social media marketing salary varies as there are many positions that fall under the umbrella of “social medial.” Some common titles include Social Media Manager, Director, Strategist (usually for agencies), Community Manager or Specialist, and Brand Ambassador/Influencer. These different segments have their own pay scales which vary widely from entry-level all the way into 6 figures.

For social media management, the median pay is $42,500 per year. For social media marketing specialists, it’s about $62,000 annually. And social media managers earn on average $120k yearly – an excellent salary if you’re qualified for the position!

How do I get a job in social media marketing?

If you have decided to build your career as a social media marketer, then you need to start by being social.

  • Join social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter where you can connect with people in your field. Ask questions about their jobs or get advice on how they got started in social media marketing. Asking the right person at the right time could lead to a new job opportunity!
  • Read blogs like this one and connecting with others in the field via social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. I hope these ideas help you get started on your dream career.

Look for related positions, for example, the job title may not be exactly social media marketer, so you might need to adjust your search terms.

  • You will also want to look for social media marketing positions that may not be at a company but as an independent contractor or freelancer.

In the social media field, there are endless possibilities so you’ll just have to keep looking until you find what’s right for you!

  • Remember that social media marketers can work in many fields such as PR, journalism, advertising, and more.”


There are a lot of ways to get into the social media marketing field, and there is no one right way. It’s important that you find your own path in order to succeed. For those seeking their dream job or just want some tips on how they can improve their prospects for finding work as a social media marketer, this post has all the information you need! We hope that this article was helpful, but if not we’re always happy to answer any questions about our services or what it takes to land a position in digital marketing.

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